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This herb is widely used because it can stop bleeding without Stagnation.

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Wild asparagus roots, also known as Tian Men Dong in Pinyin, are an important folk medicine that is often overlooked since it is not as popular as other Chinese herbs like Chinese yam and Goji Berry.Flos Pseudoginseng San Qi Hua is sweet, cool, calms the Liver and lowers blood pressure.

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A further 22% tonifies spleen qi (bai zhu, ren shen, and huang qi).

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As a matter of fact, it also generates and invigorates blood.

Tien Qi (Main herb) is also used in a very famous Chinese liniment called Zhang Gu Shui to facilitate healing of broken bones and sprains due to its ability to disperse blood from an injury.It will stop bruises and other hematoma quickly by this dispersion.Chinese Herb Names (Chinese, Pin Yin, English) compiled by Chet Cardinale, L.Ac. and Todd Luger, L.Ac. These are unicode text files.

It is one of the key ingredients of Divine Water Pills (Tian Level Pills) used by Lin Feng to help revive Yi Xue.These roots are grown in Yunnan province of China where is the original growing place that grow the best quality Tienchi notoginseng.

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More than just tonifying Lung Qi, this herb is used to strengthen the immune system, which has a close relationship to the lungs in Chinese medicine.I have personally used this herb extract to overcome altitude sickness hiking in Tibet.Recent studies have found evidence that this herb may be effective in treating lung cancer.TCM Trade is your primary resource of Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, massage, herbs and nutrition, shop online now, we ship worldwide.

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SAN QI POWDER can not only produce blood but also dispel blood stasis.Tian Chit. 17 likes. Tian Chit is another subsidiary of SCN of LG Group of Companies dealing with vitamins and supplements especially with CGF or...Got a bottle of Tienchi powder RAW at local chinese herb store, it smell like American ginseng.

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The lung has a tendency to be affected most by dryness, and this will injure the Yin of the lung and often manifest as a dry.

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Tian ma is long and elliptical, shrunk, crooked and slightly flat, 3-15 cm long, 1.5-6 cm wide, and 0.5-2cm thick.