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It is a relatively recent invention (dating from the late 19th century).

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According to a longitudinal study (conducted from 1998 to 2014), the average time taken to get a first-degree black belt is ten years.

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The following karate belts are given in the order of the lowest rank of white to the highest rank of black.They were Ed Parker black belts after Ed Parker changed Kenpo Karate into his own systems of Kenpo.

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From the colors of the belt one can easily judge about the rank and the level of expertise about any person doing karate.

In my style, you have to pass through all previous belts, takes atleast 6 years.

Browse the playlists below to preview selected videos from your belt level, or use the site navigation to select your rank and see all training videos available to you.Like a person skilled in the Oriental sport of karate, the Six Sigma Black Belt is self-assured and knowledgeable, the result of intensive training and real-world experience.The black belt is the opposite of the white belt, signifying completion and maturity in the student.

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Dedicated Mayon Jayawickrama holds the title for the youngest black belt in the Karate Union of Great Britain after first taking up the sport aged four.Teen Black Belt Class (December) Saturday, December 22nd Canton Dojo at 12:00-1:30.